Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 441-450

#441 - Ben Revere
Probably the best action shot of the set.

#442 - Francisco Liriano
Mean-muggin' like Gary Coleman over here.

#443 - Mark Ellis
I've tried to avoid including other players in action shots but Mark Ellis didn't have a whole lot of other options. Hopefully Amarista's not too distracting.

#444 - Everth Cabrera
Another bunt shot!

#445 - Buster Posey
I had a hard time settling on a Buster photo. Had to make sure I used one that conveys how majestic and infallible he is. (creepy)

#446 - Justin Smoak
Even after hearing his name for 4+ seasons, my mind still draws a blank when he's mentioned. Maybe this dugout shot will help.

#447 - Wil Myers
Can we get a paternity test to Tim Robbins here? Or Maybe Rhett Miller?

#448 - Michael Choice
It's hard to judge much from this season in Texas but it doesn't look like Michael Choice is gonna be big contributor for a while.

#449 - R.A. Dickey
Dickey has some non-pleasant pitchface so I decided to go with this stoic, dignified pose here. Looks good.

#450 - Danny Espinosa
Another acrobatic action shot to bookend this post.

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