Sunday, September 28, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 501-510

#501 - Antonio Bastardo
How does the last name Bastardo get passed down?

#502 - Tony Watson
I'm guessing he was one of the least well-known all-stars this season.

#503 - John Jay
There haven't been many sliding shots in the set so far. I though I had better include a good one when I had the chance.

#504 - Ian Kennedy
He hasn't quite regained his 2011 form yet but Kennedy had a bounce back season. I wish he could've made his way out of the NL West, though.

#505 - Santiago Casilla
He's been a bit of an unsung pillar of the Giants' bullpen for the last few years. He's now filling the closer role following Sergio Romo's mid-season hiccups. This is a cool shot, especially considering he doesn't always make it onto the checklist.

#506 - Willie Bloomquist
A decent dugout shot that makes sure you're not confused whose card it is.

#507 - Jake Odorizzi
Another unfortunate boyhood last name I'm sure.

#508 - Yu Darvish
Looking at a lot of preseason prediction posts, so many of them picked Darvish as the AL Cy Young. Safe to say that's not happening. I guess if he was gonna have an injury-riddled season, this was the one to do it. Let's hope 2015 is back to business as usual.

#509 - Brett Lawrie
It's strange to see a guy wearing sleeves in a dome. Oh, wait...

#510 - Kevin Frandsen
Another former Giant that's finding a little bit of success on another roster. He's not setting the world on fire or anything but he's still playing.

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