Thursday, September 18, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 361-370

#361 - Trevor Cahill
That follow through looks like he's beginning a curtsy.

#362 - Gavin Floyd
Floyd was actually pitching pretty well this season before the season-ending elbow surgery bug bit him.

#363 - David Lough
Well from the looks of this photo I'd say the Orioles got at least something positive from this trade.

#364 - John Lackey
I finally figured out who John Lackey reminds me of.

#365 - Jeff Samardzija
#366 - Adam Dunn
When making this checklist I had no inkling that these two would end up as teammates in Oakland this very same season. So look for them in Series 3 I guess.

#367 - Alfredo Simon
What a surprise season from this guy.

#368 - Zach McAllister
His pitchface looks like he's trying to keep some snot from seeping out of his nostrils. Or maybe that's what he's really doing.

#369 - Troy Tulowitzki
Nice acrobatic shot. Added bonus of Puig getting a foot to the head.

#370 - Rajai Davis
Looks like Rajai is gonna pull a Hot-N-Ready out of the oven when he gets back to the dugout.

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