Friday, September 19, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 371-380

#371 - Marc Krauss
I wonder what the binary code in the background says.

#372 - Jeremy Guthrie
This is a really cool photo with the angle of his follow through and the lighting and everything.

#373 - Tyler Skaggs
Another starting pitcher to have season-ending surgery.

#374 - Matt Kemp
When I came across these dugout shots I knew I had to use one. Trying to keep every card from looking like another in the set is difficult.

#375 - Jeff Mathis
Here's some BButt for all interested readers out there.

#376 - Rickie Weeks
I'm sure Brewers' fans are counting down the days until Weeks is gone.

#377 - Kyle Gibson
Pay no attention to the empty seats in the background. This was from an actual MLB game.

#378 - Daniel Murphy
Something about this looks familiar...

#379 - Brian McCann
Him going to the Yankees was too perfect.

#380 - Jim Johnson
Boy, did this move backfire for Oakland or what? It'd be a shame if his bad juju followed him to Detroit...

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