Monday, September 22, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 421-430

#421 - Mark Trumbo
This dugout shot is kinda unique so I figured I'd go with it to stave off redundancy.

#422 - Aaron Harang
He's basically Bartolo Colon minus the comical at-bats. Who had him penciled in for double-digit wins before the season started?

#423 - Delmon Young
Believe it or not, he's actually played some games in the outfield this season. Even on an AL team!

#424 - Edward Mujica
He didn't quite pan out this season like I'm sure the Red Sox were hoping he would. Much like the rest of the club I guess.

#425 - Anthony Rizzo
Rizzo kind of looks like an adult-sized baby in this pic. I think it's the chubby cheeks and thunder thighs.

#426 - Chris Sale
Man, I have such a hard time finding Chris Sale photos to use. Not because there aren't plenty of options but because each one looks so friggin' awkward and painful. It's hell trying to fit all of his limbs into frame without shrinking down the whole photo. Here's a suitable alternative.

#427 - Brandon Phillips
I hear Cardinals' fans aren't too crazy about dat dude.

#428 - Corey Kluber
Kluber's a dark house Cy Young candidate this season. Leading the AL in FIP, second in WAR for pitchers and strikeouts, top 5 in wins, ERA, innings pitched and shutouts.

#429 - Brandon Barnes
The Rockies should wear more purple. If nothing else, ditch the black hats for purple every game.

#430 - Joe Nathan
Better than Valverde I guess.

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