Saturday, September 27, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 491 - 500

#491 - Collin McHugh
He's been a pleasant surprise for the Astros this year. 25 games started with an ERA under 3. His ERA+ is 143. His previous season high was 51, as a reliever.

#492 - Norichika Aoki
Even though it was difficult, I found a normal-ish action shot of Aoki. As an aside, if you're on Twitter and you don't follow Grant Brisbee, you need to rectify that. Unless you prefer the dull "humor" you get from me.

#493 - Joe Smith
I thought the blurred out scoreboard in the back was kinda neat, along with the angle of his delivery.

#494 - Clayton Kershaw
Man, I'm really sick of Kershaw. I don't mean I'm sick of hearing about him or think he's overrated or anything stupid like that. He's so damn good. What I mean is I'm tired of the Giants having to face him every series (or so it seems.) It's not fair, I tell ya.

#495 - Derek Dietrich
They need to start incorporating those sound device things from greeting cards into baseball cards. This one would be perfect with a nice "BOING" sound effect.

#496 - Mark Reynolds
Something feels wrong about showing Reynolds with a glove instead of a bat but I liked this photo.

#497 - Jason Kubel
Kubel didn't have a lot of photo options for this current stint with the Twins. I figured the undershirt, hood and empty bleachers was the most Minnesotan I could get.

#498 - Chris Young
I wish there was more of his face showing here but I liked this pic a lot. Plus he'll have a Yankees card in the next series where I can hopefully find a more personal shot.

#499 - Kelly Johnson
Johnson had a nomadic 2014, playing on three different teams, most of it with the Yankees. He, too, will make another appearance as well.

#500 - Scott Kazmir
It's hard to believe Kazmir's only 30. He's been decent this year but will probably only get a postseason start if Oakland makes it to the ALCS.

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