Wednesday, September 17, 2014

2014 Spirit Base: 341-350

#341 - Jarred Cosart
Cosart was decent with the Astros but he's been great since being traded to the Marlins. (And I was worried about having enough cards for Series 3...)

#342 - Danny Duffy
What an great name.

#343 - Mike Trout
It's funny how Trout's 2014 batting average is under .300 and OBP is under .400 yet this will be the year he finally wins MVP.

#344 - Scott Van Slyke
Really good lighting for this photo.

#345 - Garrett Jones
Thus concludes the "men holding bats" portion of the checklist.

#346 - Wily Peralta
I know Wily's not pronounced how it looks but I really hope he starts getting called "The Coyote."

#347 - Josh Willingham
Former Twin, current Royal.

#348 - Dillon Gee
Sifting through all his photos, Gee has that scared "oh my god, please don't hit it" look on his face for every pitch.

#349 - Michael Pineda
Hmm, that palm looks awfully clean there...

#350 - Josh Donaldson
Every single A's photo needs recolored since I want the greens to match. I don't mind it though since that kelly green looks so damn good.

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